Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cheeze- it Spelling, Skittles math, Pop rock Painting

       To have some fun with spelling today we pulled out a box of Scrabble Junior Cheeze- It's and I found two different sheets for the kids to use.  Snacking on words was for Evan-- he had to make three letter words using the crackers and we read them together.  Since he hardly knows any words at this point I let him make up nonsense words as well as real words and I didn't make him record them-- yet.  We talked about changing just one letter to make new words and I was so happy when he read BAT!   I have hopes that one day soon he will be able to make & read CVC words on his own and use the recording sheet in conjunction with this activity.  For Ian and Alec I found a sheet that looked a bit like a Boggle board that the crackers fit on perfectly.   I followed the entire activity that I found on the Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational site.  I too allowed the boys to manipulate the crackers to make it easier for them to find words. 


   For math today I pulled out a big bag of Skittles and read the book Skittles Riddles.  We manipulated some of our Skittles to mirror the pages and mimic what the book was teaching us.  It was quite a long and involved book and I'm not sure how much they absorbed from it but they sure did love eating the Skittles when we were done! 

     While they were eating all their crackers and Skittles I read a few books aloud to them.  We read The Way I Act and Bats at the Beach.  They loved Bats at the Beach.  They thought the illustrations were great.   After yesterday's day long discussion about behavior the boys asked if that's why I was reading The Way I Act.  It hadn't been intentional but this book couldn't have come at a better time!  We talked about cooperation, consideration and being compassionate.  Ian readily admitted that him an Alec do NOT act like that toward each other and rather rudely asked me if he thought reading a book would change him (guess we'll be talking about attitudes and behavior a bit more today!).
       Ian and Alec worked on their friendship bracelets a bit more this morning while waiting for Evan to finish up snack.  Ian has been working on his most every night at bedtime and he's almost half- way done.  I'm impressed with their persistence on this project and with how well the bracelets are coming out. 
      My boys were arguing since one wanted to do a science experiment and the other wanted to do art.  I decided to combine the two.  After seeing how fun it was to add pop rocks to our goop yesterday today we tried adding pop rocks to our paint.  I let the boys do some free- form painting.   It was neat to listen to all the crackling and popping again.  I had them predict what would happen before we added the pop rocks and we made predictions about whether or not the pop rock candy would change the color of the paints too.   Though, Alec did ask a few time if this was art or science.  I kept telling him that it was both art and science and so he then asked if we could do "real" art after science. 

    I was willing to help them with another art project but after painting with the pop rock paint they soon took off playing.  They were up in Ian's room for a bit reading books and playing with Lego's and then they all headed outside.  Ian used his remote control boat and Alec and Evan were playing Batman and Robin.  Evan let Alec use his cape from 6 Flags and they had fun chasing each other around the yard.  They all decided to go swimming before the rain came and quickly jumped into the lake.  They swam, dove and played for a bit until lunchtime.
   We headed in just in time.  By the time I had lunch ready and on the table it was pouring outside.  They wanted to turn on screens and I encouraged them to keep it educational.  So they watched Bill Nye the Science Guy-- Inventions, Wild Kratts, and Walt Disney's True Life Adventures; Wonders of the Wild (though they found this a bit boring and abandoned it before it was over).  
     Evan had been asking since early this morning to head to the comic book store and get his free comic book with the coupon he received at the library last night.  I was hoping to wait for a time when the rain let up a bit, but that didn't seem to be happening at all so I finally relented.  We lucked out!  The rain stopped just as we arrived and held off for the rest of the afternoon.  Sad to say, but this was a new experience for all of us.  Never having stepped food in a comic book store I had no idea what to expect.  There were comic book and graphic novels everywhere along with toys, video games and video game accessories.  My boys were in heaven.  They actually picked out their comics fairly quickly and we headed back home.  We've started listening to The Boxcar Children Series in the car and I had planned to keep it off so the kids could look through their comics but they begged to listen to more of The chocolate Sundae Mystery.  I'm thinking we'll have to plan a trip to the Gertrude Warner Museum and capitalize on the fact that the author was born in a nearby town. 
    Once home I declared school over and the boys played Wii and watched E.T.  My husband and I have been trying to remember all the much loved movies from our childhood and through the library we've been able to find most of them for the boys to watch.  They aren't always impressed with our suggestions, but for the most part they really enjoy them.  I enjoy the nostalgia value! 

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