Friday, June 7, 2013

Field trip Friday

   We woke to rain and the boys cheered.  They knew we'd be heading to Zoinks Fun Factory today and they couldn't wait.  They spent the morning playing Lego's, playing Magic Tree House games on the computer, and getting ready.  They were so motivated today that even Evan made his own breakfast.  He pulled the step stool over to the counter, opened the bag of bagels, figured out how to "open" the bagel and put it in the toaster.  He then told me the toaster was on bake and not on toast so he switched the knob to toast and asked me how long to set if for.  My first reaction was a stunned "you read the word bake!?! and you found where it says toast?"  Perhaps the kid does know how to read a bit and is just playing with me??  I don't know but I was mighty happy.  He's making progress and strides. 
     We read a few books this morning in Evan's room.  I started reading A Little Book Of Sloth and all the boys enjoyed it very much.  It's about a sloth reservation and all the different sloths they care for there.  We also read How Many Kisses Do You Want Tonight?  Ian had wandered away when I started reading this book but the younger two boys really liked it and when it was over kept yelling out how many kisses they wanted so I kept kissing them.  They were giggling and laughing and we were having a great time.
     While I was reading Ian was setting up the Scrambled States Game again and we played a round.  Alec and Ian tied each other for first place.  They thought it was a riot I lost and kept telling me I needed to practice.  Obviously, I hold back and let the boys answer first but I'm glad to know they don't just think I automatically just let them win.  I think kids stop trying as hard if you make it too easy. 
    After our game Ian started cleaning my kitchen floor with the wet mop; for no real reason that I could see.  I loved the extra help and the fact that he volunteered without even being asked.  I do have company coming over this weekend and I wanted to do a bit of cleaning today.  I had pulled everything out to clean with but hadn't really started any cleaning yet so this was extra helpful! 
     We got ready to head out to Zoinks! (with many choruses of "finally!")  and along the way we played with our Brain Quest ?'s and answer books.  These fun flip books came in the older two boys Christmas Stockings and they took turns quizzing each other on all sorts of math, English, science, social studies, and other assorted questions.  We learned that bananas have seeds, that synonyms are words that have similar meanings, and much, much more.  What I learned by listening to them play is that Evan has really been paying attention to everything we're doing.  We have the grade 2 and 3 Brain Quests and he got many of the answers right (not so much the math but most of the science and social studies).  I was pretty impressed when Ian asked if dinosaurs live about a million years ago and Alec yelled "false!  In the Magic Tree House books Jack reads that dinosaurs became extinct 65 million year ago."  I guess they really learned a lot from listening to all those books and playing on the website.  I love that Mary Pope Osborne included quite a lot of facts in her books. 

      We were joined by about 8-10 other kids at Zoinks, mostly toddlers and preschoolers, and I was a bit nervous.  Typically, unless we go during a school vacation, we pretty much have the place to ourselves.  I told the boys to be extra cautious and careful with all the little kids around and for the most part they did real well.  We jumped, climbed, played and laughed for over an hour.  We practiced catching a ball while jumping on the huge bounce pillows.  We played monkey in the middle, raced each other through the obstacle course, and used the light- up floor to challenge each other to some fun games of dodge ball, tennis and the wall.  We were sweaty, hungry and tired when we left. 


       We drove to pick up my husband at work and went out to lunch as a family.  The boys picked the restaurant and loved watching the trains and Tom and Jerry on TV.  Ian had been talking about this restaurant, he remembered us taking him there as a young child and we realized we had never taken Evan there.  As we sat there eating and reminiscing we realized he had not been there since Alec had sat in a high chair.  Something tells me it won't be that long before we're back there this time. 
      After lunch I had to re-new my license.  I was not thrilled with the thought of taking three boys with me to the DMV but, I decided to brave it.  Being a rainy, nasty day I did tell the boys if they behaved while waiting I would allow them free reign of screens for the rest of the day.  We lucked out where there wasn't really a line and were in and out fairly quickly.  The boys were excellent!  I barely heard a peep out of any of them.  Alec had brought his Brain Quest booklet in with him and kept everyone entertained with questions and quizzes.  It was great and I had worried all week for nothing.  Our first trip to the DMV was wonderful. 
      Once home Ian and I watched movies like Home Alone 3 and Cheaper by the Dozen while the younger two boys played Wii (and came in to see what we were laughing about every now and then).  It was a quiet, happy, rainy Friday and we all anxiously awaited a huge family dinner tonight at yet another new restaurant.   We are meeting up with my sisters, parents and an out of town cousin for a hibachi dinner at a local restaurant.  If it even goes half as well as our day has gone it will be wonderful! 

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