Thursday, May 23, 2013

Television Thursday

     Ian had plans for having a friend over today.  The boys were up and dressed early since we had to be out of the house pretty early too.  Ian helped me replace the knobs on his dresser drawers before we left learning how to use the tools the right way.  We listened to a Magic Tree House book in the car on the way to Ian's friend's house.  It was called Night of the New Magicians and it takes place in Paris under the Eiffel Tower (which we just watched a movie about!).   As we were driving (and listening) Alec yells out "deer!" and pointed to the side of the road where the deer were grazing just under the cover of the trees.  We also saw a swan, a very cool dragon water fountain and a wild turkey.   It was a very exciting car ride. 
        We were all supposed to go to the park for a homeschool park day but with the weather so wet and cloudy it was canceled.  We stayed in and the boy immediately harped on the fact that we had friends over and it was rainy so therefor we must be allowed to play screens.  And, wow!  Play them they did.  They played  Wii, played with DS's, watched movies, and TV for the vast majority of the day.  Occasionally, they took breaks to go play outside or to eat snack but for the most part they were buried in screens.  It aggravated me, but at the same time I was able to clean out our hall closet and all three boy's bureaus and closets so I let it slide-- just for today.   I was afraid Ian's friend wasn't having fun since they seemed to argue a bit over what to do.  I often found then playing separately and commented on it to Ian whenever I did.  I try not to get involved since I think part of learning to be a good friend is in listening to each other but I do remind the boys that our guests are our company and we want to help make them happy.  I'm always afraid that when my boys get extra bossy with their friends over that their friends aren't going to want to come back.  That hasn't really happened to us before so I guess I shouldn't worry about it much but I always do.   I think most kids have this tendency to want things their way and need to learn to work it out on their own.  I would only interfere if they come to me for help or seem upset.  Luckily, neither of which happened today.  We did play a rather fun game of Twister together and I think my favorite quote of the day was when Ian's friend turned to me and said "Wow! You're family is crazy!"  as I was ready to agree with him he added "but that's OK, mine is too." 
       Once Ian's friend left Ian headed outside to play and create in the sand.  He made ramps for his loaders to load up trucks, made a tunnel for the dirt to get to the water and built another whole quarry.  His ability to construct these things from his imagination always impressed me to no end.  He problem solves and creatively thinks up new solutions on the spot.  It takes some trial and error but he's content to sit there for hours and make it just right. 

       I packed the boys dinners for them to eat in the car or at the field for soccer practice and we spent the last hour of our day relaxing together, anxiously watching the skies to see if they'd remain clear enough for practice or not.   Hopefully it does and we can listen to some more of our book in the car. 

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