Friday, May 17, 2013

Paint like Pollock

We're finishing up our unit on Jackson Pollock and so I planned a fun activity for our afternoon; splatter painting on the lawn!  But first we had a busy morning planned.

The boys watched Lewis and Clark this morning while eating breakfast, by request.  I thought it would be a great history lesson for them and it was.  We're starting a unit on westward expansion and this tied in nicely!

 We also got to see a few of our butterflies that had finally hatched.  Evan fed them some sliced oranges and we waited a while hoping to see them drink using their proboscises.  It's always a bonus to cover history and science lessons before we're even ready for our day!

While running errands we listened to more Magic Tree House books; Dragon of the Red Dawn, Carnival at Candlelight and Season of the Sandstorms.  In listening to today's stories Alec expressed a real interest in learning all about the Roman and Greek gods; Who are they? What did they look like and why are they famous?  I told him we'd check out some books from the library later and learn all about them.
 Once home the boys ate lunch and Alec and Evan worked on some painting crafts they picked up at the dollar store.   We found that another butterfly hatched while we were away.  The kids are a bit disappointed that we keep missing the actual hatching of the butterflies from the chrysalises.  But they love to sit and watch them. We saw them drinking from the orange slices, we saw them flap their wings and fly and we observed all the leftover meconium. 

We watched Travel With Kids; Paris too while finishing up lunch.  We learned a lot about France and even learned a few words in French.  The boys were impressed with all my knowledge, since I traveled to Paris during high school. 

Ian had been asking me for the last two days if we could do art and he knew we were going to be learning about Jackson Pollock and he just could not wait.  As much as they all wanted to dive right into painting I made them sit and listen to the story we checked out of the library called Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists: Jackson Pollock and we watched a few quick videos about Jackson Pollock on Youtube to get a feel for his artwork and how he created it using his whole body and lots of tools.

 I set out three large pieces of paper in the yard and with many squirt bottles, brushes and cups of watered down paint; sticks, leaves, combs, toothbrushes, etc. & they finally set to work.  I had them put on bathing suits before we started and they jumped into the lake to wash off when we were done.  They had a ball!  And the masterpieces are quite neat.  They all thought it was very freeing not to have to worry about drawing and painting precisely.  Ian, who's usually the first one done with art was the last one to finish up today.

Ian's finished piece
Evan's painting

Alec's finished painting

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