Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday morning shake- up

      The boys woke up this morning and watched Popular Mechanics for kids in it's entirety.  While they were doing that I was preparing a salad, some side dishes for dinner, and packing lunches for today.  They still weren't done watching, since the DVD had 4 episodes on it, so I hopped on the computer to request a bunch of books, book on CD and movies from our library.  I knew we had our usual trampoline, library and errands to run, like we seem to do every Monday, but I decided to shake up our routine just a bit.  We were all dressed and ready to go by 9:30 so we headed out to visit my mother.  We hadn't been able to meet up with her yesterday on Mother's day so we headed to the hotel and had a nice swim and visit.  The boys all convinced Grammy to go swimming with them and practiced all sorts of dives, swimming techniques and "moves."  The hour we had with her at her hotel flew by rather quickly and we hurried up to clean up and get ready for trampoline.  They ate bits and pieces of the lunch I packed on the 10 min or so drive to class and assured me that was enough to make it through class.  I had tried to convince them to get out of the pool early enough to eat lunch before class, but they had no interest in that! 
       Alec spent almost the whole two hours at trampoline class working on a new and difficult move; he was determined to figure it out and his hard work paid off.  He came up to tell me in the observation room and he was just glowing with pride.  They all worked hard and were a bit extra tired after an hour of swimming.  They practiced many new and old moves and even had a turn on "the ropes" learning how to flip with the coach's help. 
        After trampoline we ran a few errands and stopped at the library.  We walked out with another bag full of books, books on CD and movies.  The boys were overjoyed to see another Magic Tree House anthology on CD since we finished our last book on CD this morning; Hour at the Olympics.  We also listened to Dinosaur Bones and so we were all out of books to listen to for the car ride to the library.  We didn't end up listening to anything on the ride home, though since the boys all read their books.  It was nice to see them all so involved in reading.  Ian's already on chapter 3 or 4 of his new book Mrs. Leaky is Freaky!  Alec read most of his book out loud to me and Evan had fun looking at all the pictures in his new graphic novel Star Wars. 
       Once home the boys wanted to watch Mythbusters for science and learning how to make/ run experiments.  We also planned to watch a movie during dinner; that's always a special treat I allow my boys when my husband has to work late and they're bummed he won't be home to see them.  I loved that, while a fun cartoon they can't wait to watch, The Sword in the Stone is also a bit "school- like" since we read the book and I love having them compare books to movies. 

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