Monday, May 6, 2013

Forts, capes and lots of laid back summer fun!

     I know it's not summer yet, but lately it sure seems like it.  The weather, while very sunny, isn't super warm but we have been relaxing and enjoying playing outside so much it really reminds me of summer.  I can't believe I haven't written in 4 days!  While it has been busy here, it didn't feel like it was that busy.  Friday the boys and I were up and out of the house early.  Alec was getting a new bed this weekend and we headed out to shop for new bedding.  After a quick stop at Target  also stopped at Lowe's and filled up the trunk with potting soil and flowers.  Once home all the boys wanted to help fill up all the pots we have around the house with the flowers.  They watered, scooped soil and watched me handle the plants (I knew I should let them help even more by taking the plants out of the pots and actually planting them but after spending all that money on the plants I was too afraid they'd accidentally kill them). We also planted our strawberry plant and the boys seeds that they had started at the Horizon Wings center a few weeks ago.   After lunch, Ian and I tackled the patio; sweeping, moving leftover fire wood, and bringing out all the patio furniture.  It took us over 2 hours and the younger two boys stayed inside playing toys together the whole time.  We never once heard them or saw them.  They got along great.  As a treat for Ian's hard work and the younger two boys playing nicely all day and cleaning up after themselves we went out for a nice family dinner.
     On Saturday we woke to another beautiful day and while Ian headed off to work with his grandfather I took the younger two boys to soccer.  Once home from soccer, the boys started playing Wii and Ian headed off to mow lawns with my husband.  I cleaned the whole basement and completely lost track of time.  It took me several hours to clean and they were playing video games the whole time.  I finally realized how late it was and how long they had been playing and I made them turn if off and go outside.  They found their baby turtle again and spent a bit of time setting him up a new habitat.  Once Ian and my husband came home they went dirt bike riding, four wheeling and kayaking around our cove.  By that time we had to clean up and head to Alec's soccer game.  They all had so much fun, Alec playing his game with his team and the other two boys played with their cousins on the side lines.  We came home to a fun movie night of The Goonies. 
      The boys slept in a bit on Sunday after being up late on Saturday and then had a nice big breakfast.  Ian, once again, headed out to work with his grandfather and the rest of us spent a good part of the morning moving around furniture.  To make room for Alec's new bed we moved his old bed into Evan's room and had to move all the furniture around in both rooms to make this new set- up work.  Alec and Evan went with their dad to pick up Alec's new bed and then the whole family ended up at another cottage on the lake.  My husband's family gathered together for the day to put up insulation and walls in the family cottage and the boys wanted to stay and play with their cousins, fish and skip rocks.  It was a great, fun afternoon by the lake soaking up the sun.  The boys came home for an early dinner and watched a movie while my husband and I headed out for a date night.  My mother- in- law babysat and the boys went fishing some more and played in the sand. 
        Monday morning dawned nice and bright again.  I spent the morning cleaning my car, cleaning our grill and picking up the house while the boys played with Ian's new monster trucks, blocks, play- d'oh and puzzles.  They worked together to build a fort in Evan's room and they used blankets to make their own capes so they could play super heroes.  We worked together to gather up the library books and Ian told me he's really enjoying the book he started reading the other day.  He's already half- way through and wants some more books from this series.  I'm so happy he's finally found another book he's enjoying reading and happier still that it's part of a series so we can be fairly sure he'll enjoy the rest.  The series is called the Weird School and the book he's reading is .Mrs. Roopy is Loopy.  We requested two more books and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  I know how much he loves the Diary of  a Wimpy Kid series and we've been struggling to find him more books since he's finished reading them two times through.  He was ready to start on them all a third time and while I'm all for re-reading books he does need to challenge himself to read new books too.  I explained that to him and have been handing him books left and right to try.  This is the first time he's told me he likes a book enough to try and read more by the same author.  I told him it's actually part of a series and he picked two more to try. 

     We headed out for trampoline with a quick stop at the library to drop off books and movies.  On the way we finished listening to our Magic Treehouse book Stallion by Starlight and started Dolphins at Daybreak.  They all worked on dot- to- dot books, color by number and somehow, Alec managed to read Fennec Foxes.  I assumed he tuned out the book on CD and just read his own book, but he could interject about the book we were listening to every now and then so he had to be listening while he was reading I guess.  Once at trampoline the boys were thrilled to learn some new tricks.  I was sitting in the observation room watching them thinking about all they've learned through these lessons.  Beyond the obvious physical skills and motor development, they've learned tons of new terms.  Seriously, when we're talking about trampoline at dinner my husband is lost as to what we're talking about... seat drop, front drop, swivel hips, etc.  I only wish we had found a day & time for these lessons that had more younger kids included with us.  There is a huge age gap between my three boys and the older kids they take lessons with.  This has not stopped them from making friends, talking to, or enjoying being around the other older kids but I still wish they had someone a bit more in their age and skill range, though perhaps they'd play more than learn, I don't know.  They sure do love it though.

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