Thursday, May 30, 2013

A very short day today

      This morning the boys watched another episode of Popular Mechanics for Kids; Rip Roaring Roller Coasters and All Access to Fun.  They learned even more about the science behind park rides, attractions and circus shows.  While watching Alec was also playing Kanoodle and Evan was working on an art project he's making for his Aunt's baby. 
     They all remarked on how much the gummy bears grew and we pulled a "normal" one out of the bag to compare.  I heard them talking about why the gummy bears grew so much and they all agreed "the gummy bears absorbed all that water!"  I love hearing them talk in scientific terms!
Look how big they got!
      For math we read a book called Divide and Ride about a group of kids who go an amusement park for the day and keep dividing into groups to go on different rides.  I counted out 12 counters for each boy before reading the story and had them manipulate them as we read through to demonstrate the different equations we came across.  Though I'm not all that sure that they even needed counters.  The work was obviously above Evan's head but Alec and Ian seemed to understand and grasp the concepts very quickly without using counters.
   We worked on the backside of their batik shirts today too.  By that time their cousins had shown up for a fun day playing in the lake so school was over... or so I thought.  The boys played all afternoon with their cousins; swimming, diving, jumping, having water gun fights and towing each other around on rafts and boogie boards.  They had a ball (when they weren't fighting) and they were pretty tired by the end of the day.
     I called my boys out of the water and had them all clean up and dry off to get ready for Alec's soccer practice.  On the way we headed made a quick stop at the library to pick up more books.  We arrived at the field early and finished listening to the Magic Tree House Book Blizzard of the Blue Moon.  We still had some time and the boys were asking what we were going to do.  It was still pretty hot, sunny and muggy so they didn't want to get out of the car and play plus they all wanted to finish eating so I pulled a few books out of our library bag and read aloud Memorial Day Surprise and Monet.  They seemed to enjoy both books a lot and made wonderful predictions in Memorial Day Surprise!
      By the end of soccer all the boys were looking pretty tired and wiped out from all the sun.  We listened to another Magic Tree House book on the way home called Monday with a Mad Genius.  It's all about Leonardo Da Vinci and I'm already excited to pull a book from the library about his work.  Once home I had them take showers and then I had them each pick out a book.  I offered to read to them in their own rooms; well I should have known that all three boys would want to listen to most of the books so we went from room to room reading Hoop Genius (and we learned how a gym teacher created the game of basketball), Red Panda, and Star Wars the Clone Wars; The Secret Villain.  I even got Evan to read a book to me called Pat's Cat's.  I'm trying to focus on one or two sight words at a time and this week we've been trying to get the "at" family down so this was perfect.   I was amazed, looking back on our day, that we managed to get so much done! 

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