Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A crazy zooey day!

     The boys noticed this morning that our caterpillars were hanging upside down from the lids of the
cups and they were so excited to think that they'd be making chrysalises soon.  We packed lunches and got ready to head out for a fun day at the zoo with their cousins, aunt, and grandmother. On the way, we had a few errands to run and we listened to some more Magic Tree House books. Alec amazed me when we started our second book called Ghost Town at Sundown; it's part of a smaller series of books within the larger series where the kids have to find 4 things to complete each riddle. I was asking the boys if they knew what a ghost town was, asking them to tell me what they knew about the wild west and having them predict what Jack and Annie might find. They were all talking when Alec tells me that they must be looking for something that starts with a H or an E since we knew that they had to spell HOME from the Polar bear book where they found the mask and then he recited the riddle to me from memory! "I hide what's true and bring out the courage in you." While we later found out that it wasn't the whole riddle I was still very impressed. We read that book quite a long time ago. Until he reminded me about it I had not tied it to the books we were listening to now. So he guessed that they'd find an eagle feather for the letter E. He was wrong, they found an echo, but still, I was impressed.
       We arrived at the zoo and spent 4 hours walking around looking at animals. They had a ball. We saw a few animals that we hadn't been able to see on our last few visits and they had so much fun playing with their cousins. Here are a few highlights from our day:

a snapping turtle

turtles have their spines attached to the shells

learning about feathers and how birds "seal" them

Playing with the water station

colors, wheels and gears are so fun

wind chimes

making forts with scarves

the boys played with the ropes and hooks

the elephants were outside



the giant anteater

enjoying our Del's and sharing with the dog

Red panda's are still a huge hit

All the animals were so close today

some fountain fun
the snow leopard was finally out!

playing with the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle boards

all the boys on the branch
the kids loved watching the bear play on his swing

   We left the zoo and headed right for Alec's soccer practice.  The boys were exhausted after walking all around in the sun at the zoo for the last few hours.  Luckily, we had an hour or so break for them to rest and we listened to Lions at Lunchtime and started Polar Bears Past Bedtime (we decided to listen to it again since Ian couldn't even remember hearing it before and Evan only remembered a little bit).  Once at soccer, Alec practiced drills with his team while Ian learned how to blow through grass to make a whistle and practiced hitting the soccer ball off his head, until he got a bloody nose (and then he learned some basic first aid).  Evan practiced shooting goals and using his feet to control the ball while on the sidelines. 
    We came home for a quick dinner and the boy saw that a few of the caterpillars made their chrysalises today while we were gone.  They were so excited and hope to see a few of the caterpillars making them tomorrow.  After dinner Ian went kayaking and fishing while the younger two helped me clean house and get ready for bed.  It was a very fun, very full, tiring day. 

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