Sunday, April 21, 2013

Who's that on stage?

     Yesterday was Evan's first ever soccer practice.  He's young enough where they just play games, learn ball handling skills and have small scrimmages.  He was not at all intimidated by the crowds of people and went running off onto the field to join the fun.  He had a blast and did really well.  The older two boys were not happy to be dragged along, but they soon found some other boys their own age and wandered off to talk and have fun together.  I sat there marveling at how grown up they all seemed.  Alec had spent part of the early practice trying to reassure a little boy who was scared to play that soccer was a lot of fun and helping him feel more comfortable being on the field.  It was really sweet.  I'm noticing a lot more lately how social they all are, how comfortable they are just being themselves, and how willing they are to help other people; even complete strangers!  I love it. 
      Once home, the boys wandered outside to play and go fishing.  Their cousins were having a huge party next door and all the boys were anxious to go.  My husband had walked over with them, when I heard Evan crying.  He was sitting on the dock in our backyard sobbing.  He was afraid to go to the party because there were too many people.  They have a huge family and lots of friends so there are often around 100 people.  As social as Evan has gotten, large crowds still intimidate him.  My husband carried him next door and within minutes he found some school friends and took off playing.  The theme of their party was "rock star" and they had a stage set up.  I was amazed as I watched all three of my boys take a turn on the stage singing, dancing, and soaking up the applause.  Ian made up his own song, as he often does, repeating the same few words over and over again.  Evan, who I was later told, was the first one on stage told my sister in law that they were going to "rock this house!" and broke out some of his best moves for dancing.  Alec took turns singing and dancing.  They had so much fun.  They made many new friends and played baseball, bounced in the bounce house and got their hair "punked."  I knew Ian would perform, and figured Alec might take a turn as well but I was totally shocked that Evan went up on stage.  They all seemed to love it too, which is even more amazing.

      Today found the boys hard at work (well two of them anyway).  My husband took Ian and Evan to help do some yard work today at their great great aunt's house.  They picked up sticks and Ian drove the tractor while my husband mowed her lawn.  They assured me they worked hard and earned some much needed spending money.   I love the worth ethic I see developing in my boys.  I hope they are starting to learn the value of working hard and earning their own spending money. 
     Once home Evan and Alec started playing together while Ian put together his new Lego set that he got yesterday.  It took him less than an hour from start to finish!

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