Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Who Wants to go to the Zoo?

I told my kids we'd go to the zoo today.  We made it to the zoo before 10 so I was happy and it was a gorgeous, sunny day.  I was prepared to enjoy a fun day outdoors with my three boys. 

We were excited to see if all the animals were back on exhibit since many were missing when we had last visited in January

The boys LOVED the giant anteater

This bird had his wings out the WHOLE time!

The moon bear!  We finally saw the moon bear!

the lesser panda; Alec's favorite animal!

sad that we missed the tree kangaroo I was forced to take a picture of a picture
Alec found this goose sitting on a nest!

The turtles were sunning themselves and we saw tons of them today!
We saw pretty much all the animals the zoo had to offer, we had a nice lunch, and even ended up stopping in the gift shop when my sunglasses snapped.  The boys were thrilled to also walk out of the gift shop with a few new toys. 

We saw "new" animals that hadn't been on display in January  e or each other as long as they left me alone and my headache would go away.  I didn't; but boy I sure did want to!  They were sent to their rooms, sent outside and talked to more times than I can count.  I told them that they get this one pass, for today only but, if tomorrow starts out (or ends up) being like today, they will receive one job assignment after another.  My whole house needs cleaning and I have a list of chores just waiting.  Extra energy can and will get put to good use.
      By dinnertime I was drained and thinking we never need to visit a zoo again; after all, who needs the zoo when you live with a bunch of animals? 

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