Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend Recap

     Saturday was such a glorious spring- like day that I kicked the two younger boys outside in the morning (Ian was at work).  They played so nice together.  They pretended they were superheroes and drove around in the little battery powered four wheeler.  They got stuck a few times when they took it off- roading but they worked together to get going again.  They ran, they jumped, they blew bubbles and played stomp rockets.  Their cousins came over and they all rode vehicles, explored and played.  I could hardly get them to stop long enough for lunch!  After lunch, they all headed back outside.  Alliances were made and broken.  They swapped games, vehicles and friends.  Mostly, they spent the day getting fresh air and learning from each other and nature.  It was wonderful.   They came in for dinner and we watched The Wizard of Oz for a second family movie night. 
     Sunday found our kids waking up bright and early eager to see what the Easter bunny brought them.  They hunted for eggs and opened their baskets.  They dug into their toys and candy right away.  After quick showers and getting ready for the day, we headed next door for breakfast and another egg hunt.  Each child had their own colored egg trail to follow and boy did they have to work to find all their eggs.  Eggs were hidden way up into the woods and they had so much fun discovering them all.  All the kids met back up inside at the kitchen table and proceeded to open all the eggs and see what was inside.  They counted up the coins they got, compared candy and went outside to play baseball.  With all the dads and grandpa's pitching in they got a game going.  They practiced batting, catching, throwing and learning the fundamentals of the game.  Once a few minor injuries occurred, the kids took to the machines and zipped around the yard on Razor scooters, four- wheelers and bikes.  Ian and his uncle played golf, Evan left with his grandmother to go help her make a salad and clean up her yard a bit. 
       We spent the afternoon with even more family.  Their aunt, their soon to be uncle, their maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother all came for dinner.  They got another Easter basket that their grandmother found the Easter bunny had left at her house and spent the afternoon tearing into the gifts they found inside.  We ate dinner, visited and played.  The bouncing foam putty was a huge hit!  Ian got a slap watch and kept telling everyone the time every few minutes.  They compared cards and took turns trying to fly their new helicopters.  Once they  had their fill of dinner and desserts the boys all headed outside and everyone else soon followed.  The nice warm, sunny weather had gone away, but the cold, cloudy, windy weather did not stop all the kids from once again hopping onto scooters and four wheelers and zipping around the yard and woods.  The kids dug holes in the yard, chased each other, played, walked their grandfather's dog and had a great time playing with their cousins.  It was a wonderful day that we finished off by watching The Rise of the Guardians. 
       Before bed, Evan had his dad read him part of his Lego Star Wars book he received for Easter.  Ian worked on excavating some fool's gold from his gold mining kit and Alec tried to draw with his Spiral art kit.  All the boys headed up to bed and read in their rooms for a bit before falling fast asleep after such an exciting weekend. 

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