Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Too much stuff?

   I woke very early this morning. Seriously early. Too early to get out of bed early. Like 3 or 4 a.m. early. I can't even blame the kids this time. I was awake thinking of the geography fair tomorrow. We actually have too much stuff. I know we do. There is no way all of the items we are bringing are going to fit onto each child's table. They all have their tri- folding boards, their paintings, their "hands- on" toys, snacks (and in Evan's case drinks), books, etc. Alec needs a CD player (with extra batteries) to play his rainforest sounds CD. So I'm lying there this morning wide awake in bed thinking about ways to cram all of this stuff onto three tables. I'm pretty sure they're 8 foot tables so they aren't all that small but neither are the boys boards, paintings and snack trays. I'm trying to figure out how we're going to get all of this stuff to the library and how many trips we're going to have to take into the library from our car. I'm thinking about those things we have yet to do; like finish making Alec's birds, frost Evan's lemon cupcakes, and start on Ian  reindeer cookies.  I never did fall back to sleep, but I did manage to come up with a few solutions to some of these problems.  I never imagined myself being awake thinking of my kids presentations before.  When we signed up for this fair I pictured myself driving them to the library to get books, buying them display boards and helping them cart things into the library.  I didn't realize how much I'd be involved in all of the actual work.  I should have, especially since Evan's only 5 and can't yet read or write on his own.  I'm not sure what I was thinking at the time, but I'm so glad we decided to participate and that the boys weren't afraid to ask for my help.  Sure it would have been fun to just attend the fair as spectators but we have so much anticipation in this house about tomorrow now and they've all learned so much.   We have so much time, energy and work invested in these projects.  Mostly, I'm just really excited.  I think the boys did an amazing job and I can't wait to see each display all set up.  I think they'll even surprise themselves.  Hopefully, my husband manages to show up and surprise us all with his unpredictable schedule. I know he's trying real hard to come and support the boys and they'll be so excited if he comes.  I just can't wait for tomorrow! 
         Before the boys woke up I finished Evan's cupcakes for him by frosting them and sprinkling them with candy sprinkles.  I pulled out all the ingredients for Ian's cookies.   I set out a large bowl and some sticks of butter on the counter to wait for Ian to get up.  But, once up, he had other plans.  Ian and Evan decided to try watching the new series of history movies I purchased the other day called Drive Thru History.  Alec spent the night at his grandmother's and didn't come home until around lunchtime.  Ian and Evan watched a few episodes and seemed to enjoy this new series.  Unfortunately, none of the libraries in our region own these movies and I've been forced to buy them.  While I hate spending money on them, it is a great way for the kids to learn about history and this way they can watch them over and over again (like when Alec is home and can watch them too). 
       We finally started making Ian's cookies.  They were pretty simple.  We scooped out cookie dough and then I used the palm of my hand to flatten them out.  Ian put all the antlers on and once baked we let them cool for a minute and put eyes and noses on them.  They came out adorable and having prepared three packages of cookie dough we were able to make lots and lots of reindeer.  The whole house smells heavenly. 

      Ian told me next year he wants to do Africa and the Savannah and make an animal display like Alec did of the rainforest.  I was thrilled to hear that because as we've worked on these projects they've all told me more than once that they would never do this again.  I'm glad to see that they're realizing all the hard work is paying off and that they're planning ahead to what they can do next year.  Evan wants to do Africa too or perhaps Australia.  I love their enthusiasm and I think it will only increase ten fold tomorrow when they see every one's excitement over their projects and they get to walk around and check out all the other projects kids have brought and put together.
       It was a beautiful day and since Alec wasn't home I wasn't planning on doing anything much for school other than finishing up everything for tomorrow.  Once the cookies were done Ian wanted to go outside and play in the sand.  He convinced Evan to go outside with him and they played with the trucks, shovels and sand for a bit.  Ian came running inside all excited because they found turtles sunning themselves on some logs.  He grabbed the binoculars and asked me to go see too so I headed out and we found a bunch of turtles.  We also saw chipmunks, birds and enjoyed all the signs of spring. 
The turtles on the log- at least 5 or 6 of them

The chipmunk in the tree

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