Thursday, April 25, 2013

Another Children's Museum

      Today we were planning on heading to a local park to meet up with yet another homeschool group that we're associated with; however we woke to pouring rain this morning.  I wanted to have a back up plan and so I started talking to the boys about trying out a new museum.  Once we checked out the website and the boys started chanting "museum" over and over the sun came out!  Go figure!  So I mentioned that we could hit the park today and see the museum tomorrow but they insisted we go to the museum today.  Who am I to argue when all three boys agree on something they're excited about?  We packed up lunches and piled into the car.  It was a bit over an hours drive an so we listened to The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary (which we would have finished too, if the CD hadn't started skipping on our ride home). 
       The boys were excellent on the ride and the traffic wasn't too bad even though we had to head into the city.  I dread city driving.  I love being in cities and enjoying all the museums, theatres and extra things to do, I just don't like the extra people, traffic, and driving in them myself.  But,I figure I push the boys to try new things and so now it's my turn. We made it there without any problems thanks to my trusty GPS (I have no idea how people found their way anywhere without them; how did you drive and read a map?!).  I realized I had forgotten my camera at home, but Alec had left his in the car yesterday and let me share his.  I must warn you the pictures it takes aren't the best but I figured it was better than nothing.
We arrived!

     Unfortunately, they didn't accept our reciprocal membership we have with our museum because we are CT residents but I had planned ahead for this scenario and so we paid for admission and eagerly headed into the museum to start exploring.  The boys had so much fun.  Between Alec and myself we took over 100 photos.  They had a whole room of live animals that Alec just loved and he took multiple photos of most of the animals.  We saw chinchilla's, sugar gliders, rattlesnakes, a bobcat, a barred owl, skinks, lizards, turtles, pythons, fish, an adorable little fox. 

Look at the bobcat! 
One of Alec's favorite animals was this little fox
They have bunnies!
"who cooks for you?"  Barred owl
Skink (or perhaps one of the lizards)
We checked out the Ancient Egypt exhibit (after we snuck by the guarding statue of Anubis-- cloak and dagger style we had to creep up the hallway and hide behind crates and boxes; it was great!). I love when their imaginations kick in and they include me in their playing. The boys got to see replicas of artifacts found in king Tut's tomb (we had to hide from the guard a few times while walking through the rooms too!), they also got to try on Egyptian clothing replicas, try to make a boat and sail it down the Nile (an air hockey type table with fans that blew the boat really well), excavate for artifacts, use blocks to try and build pyramids, and look at some lizards from Egypt. 

King Tut's treasures

Making sail boats

Excavating and finding treasures
Playing dress- up!
     We watched a planetarium show about Polar Bears, tried out flight simulators, made paper airplanes, and tried to build earthquake proof buildings in the Lego room.  They had fun playing with huge foam blocks and what looked like pool noodles; they built a two story structure that Alec crawled through (the top floor!).  Evan tried to be an air traffic controller and was even able to read the signs by himself! 
Playing with "electricity"
Experimenting with action and reaction

Flight simulators

Paper airplanes

What bird am I?

Huge light brights are always a hit
Earthquake building

        We arrived home just in time for Alec to get to soccer practice.  For once this week, Ian did not want to go outside and play yet he wanted me to share on my blog this picture I took of him using his remote control boat.  He's been playing with this boat for a few days now and he's pretty proud of the fact that he figured out how to tow another smaller boat behind it.  It's not always easy; one time the wind took them away and he had to go chasing after the boats in his kayak, one time the smaller boat sank and yet another time the ribbon he used to connect the two got tangled around the propeller,  but he loves playing with it and tried towing a  toy jet ski around behind it yesterday.  

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