Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beach day already!

     Yesterday was such a busy day.  We cleaned the house for a bit, packed lunches and headed out bright and early.  We had many errands to run and then we planned on meeting up with my sister and nephews for some fun at the park before trampoline.  The boys were all so happy to see one another and played really well.  My mother showed up at trampoline and the boys were overjoyed to show off their skills for her.  By the time trampoline ended the boys were wiped out.  We had listened to two books on CD in the morning so our commute was great.  The boys really enjoyed listening to Freckle Juice and The One in The Middle is the Green Kangaroo by Judy Blume.  Unfortunately, they are really short books and we soon ran out of things to listen to.  With the bikes in back of the car all three boys were sitting in the middle seat and fighting soon ensued.  The ride home from trampoline was even worse.  They were awful, screaming, hitting & fighting over toys.  We had more errands to run but I decided to just come home and send them all to their rooms for some rest and time apart.  I banned toys from the car and put all the seats back where they belong.  I waited until my husband came home and I went to the grocery store by myself.  What an experience.  I think my boys are pretty darn helpful, but even with all the extra people in the store at night I was able to finish my shopping in half the time!  I came home to find the boys helping their dad clean the kitchen and they all helped bring in groceries. 
        We had another busy day planned today and I was dreading a long car ride with no toys.  I finally told the boys I'd allow them to bring some sort of activity book-- their dot to dot books or color by number or anything "school" like where they didn't have to share, talk to or play with one another.  The two older boys decided on dot to dot books and Evan brought his color by number book with his markers.  We packed up kites, bubbles, trucks, hula hoops and jump ropes and headed to a beautiful park along the shoreline that I hadn't been to since Ian was a baby.  On the way we dropped some books off at the library and then headed out to the beach. 
    It was a fabulous day with sunny skies, a cool breeze, and everyone had a wonderful time.  The boys dug in the sand, flew kites, got wet and dirty.  They ran around the beach, jumped off rock formations and found sand creatures and shells.  We saw tons of birds, dogs and kites (though most of them were stuck in the trees!).  We saw excavators on the beach, fighter planes flying overhead and we ran through the fields and grass.  We walked around the mansion and it's gardens.  They rapped and made music using water bottles and an abandoned dog bowl.  It was a fabulous day!

Alec flies his kite

the mole crabs we found (though we had to look up what they were when we got home!)

the bottom of the mole crab

Throwing rocks in the channel from one side to the other

We watched the ferries and boats pass by all day long.

Some loons we saw

the boys get to work digging in the sand

baby mole crab

Ian flying his kite
boys trying to stop the waves from washing away their dams

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