Sunday, April 7, 2013

Arts & crafts, roller skates and Mario Chess-- what a weekend!

       I started typing this blog post Friday afternoon and then thought I'd post it Saturday morning.  Next thing I knew it was Sunday night and I still hadn't gotten around to finishing it or posting it so I thought I'd revamp it a bit and just recap our weekend once again. 

So on FRIDAY, once they were done their morning work the boys wanted to keep out the stamps and stamp pads and Evan and Alec sat at the table stamping and making pictures.  While they were working on that Ian was up in his room making a trailer out of Lego's for his new remote control boat that he's getting for his birthday.  It came out really great; especially since he's used his imagination to design it. 


The boys picked up for a quick lunch and watched a few more episodes of Liberty's Kids.  Then Alec cleaned out a small bottle he had gotten as part of his Easter basket and did another sand art project.


     Evan asked if we could make his rock candy for his Florida project so we worked on that together.  Evan measured, cut, and even got a lesson on using the stove.  I was really hoping that this would work because I knew he'd be so upset. Plus it would have been really nice to have something else on his display table; yet once again rock candy was a complete and utter failure here.  I used a different set of instructions and measurements this time too!  We'll try one last time and then I give up on rock candy for good!

      Ian pulled out a boat toy, his Lego trailer and truck and all the Lincoln logs and made a shipping yard for hauling logs. 


     We read a bit more of our James and the Giant Peach book in the hopes of finishing it up.  The movie came in at the library and I thought the boys would like to watch it for our Friday night movie.  While we didn't end up finishing the book it worked out OK since I took the older two boys  roller skating with a few of their aunts and cousins instead!  We had a wonderful time!  Alec fell a few times and though there were quite a few tears he was quite proud of himself by the end of the night because he managed to skate without any help.  Ian fell just a few times and even managed to "dance" a bit on his skates as he was travelling around the rink so he was quite pleased with himself and how much he had improved.

     Ian really impressed me  when a package came in the mail and the boys were all excited about popping the packing material.  Alec and Ian counted up 15 "poppers" as they call then and Alec said "on no that's an odd number!"  When Ian replied (without even seeming to think about it at all!) "that's OK we'll each get 5."  So they divided up the poppers evenly and set about jumping on them!  I love listening to him putting his skills to work in real life.  Math is one of those subjects I swore we'd always use a curriculum for even when we planned on unschooling for everything else, yet here I sit trying to remember the last time I taught them anything in math.  But it just goes to show; when it's something important they're able to figure out what to do.  And trust me, poppers are VERY important. 

       Ian was the first one up on Saturday and woke his father asking "what time are we headed to work?"  Ian loves going to work and even though he never went to bed until after 9 last night he was up by 6, afraid his father left for work without him.  He came home around lunch time and immediately headed out to play with his cousin.  He's been using his rain boots to dig a huge pool in our sand and fill it with lake water.  They also rode on four wheelers, bikes and scooters.  All the kids went outside for a bit and the day just flew by.  We headed for early bed after reading some stories together since everyone was tired from our late night Friday.

     Today the two younger boys had a birthday party to go to and once there  Alec was thrilled to find a Mario chess set so, of course, he had to play.  He ended up playing three games in a row and I think if I hadn't made him clean it up and go play he could have sat there all afternoon.  He loves chess and he really gets it.  He taught me how to play today.  He knows the name of all the pieces, how, when and where they can move.  He even told me "you're in checkmate, mom."  I have no idea where he picked this all up from but I was really impressed with his playing skill.  Here I was thinking that he really wanted to learn how to play but I guess he already knows and just needs someone to play more often! 


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