Monday, April 8, 2013

Art, science, literature, gym...

          Bright and early this morning, Evan came wandering into my craft room and helped me make up a few scrapbook pages.  He eventually tired of helping me and wandered off to go downstairs.  Once I got down there too I asked him if he'd like to start making his Florida snack for Thursday.  I handed him the cupcake liners and the mini- muffin pan and watched him really use his fine motor skills to try and separate all the liners.  Once he had that done I handed him the bowl with the lemon cake mix, eggs, water and oil already inside and had him mix it up for me.  I know I should have had him help me measure everything out too but he didn't want to.  By then he was getting hungry and his attention span was pretty much gone.  He was willing to mix up the batter though since I offered to make him eggs while he did that for me.  He watched me scoop the batter in the liners while he ate and we ended up making 2 1/2 batches of mini cupcakes. 


      By this time his brothers were finally stirring as well and I had them quickly get ready for the day.  While we all waited for Alec to get ready Evan and Ian played with the K'nex blocks and built some cars.  We then headed out for a quick trip to the grocery store.  On the way we listened to Magic Treehouse book Knight at Dawn. 
      Once home from the grocery store I started putting away groceries while all the boys got water bottles and socks ready for trampoline then they headed outside to play and enjoy the fresh air.  Alec wandered in after a bit and I asked him if he'd like to start on his painting for his Brazil report so he eagerly gathered all the supplied and read the instructions to himself.  He's only just started it but it already looks wonderful!
      By this time the boys had to start eating lunch so we could head out on time for trampoline.  They wanted to watch a movie during lunch and so I suggested a Bill Nye the science guy movie about ocean life.  They think he's so silly and just love these movies.  
      Evan wanted to pull out the globe and look at all the ocean.  He then started pointing out all the little islands all over the world and asking about them so I stopped to read the names with him.  He found Antarctica and Madagascar.  Alec came over and told us Madagascar was off the coast of Africa since he saw that on all the zoo maps.  Evan was real proud of himself when we was able to find Florida on there as well!  It was a wonderful short impromptu geography lesson.  I'm telling you, sometimes you just can't plan these things! 

    We headed out for our two hours of trampoline and listened to the Magic Treehouse book Afternoon on the Amazon.  Everyone was doubly excited that this went along nicely with Alec's report on Thursday.  We finished that up on the way home and listened to Sunset of the Saber tooth for a bit.
     Once home all the boys wanted to go outside.  Ian ended up being the only one who actually made it out there though.  Alec finished up his parrot painting and Evan started his fish painting.  Evan learned how to splatter paint and had lots of fun with the toothbrush!  He complained the splatters weren't big enough so I then taught him how to splatter using a brush and watered down paint.  We set the background aside to dry and tomorrow we'll stamp fish onto it using a foam fish stamp and some paint.

      Evan has been wanting to make pudding ever since we painted with pudding at the rainbow stories night at the library.  So when he asked me again this afternoon if we could make it I said sure and helped him get everything out.  Once the milk was measured and he poured it all into the bowl with the instant pudding mix I taught him how to use the electric mixer and let him make pudding.

      Alec started working on his chocolate birds for Thursday.  We poured some of the melts into the glass pitcher and heated it in the microwave until they were all melted and smooth and then I showed him how to pour it into the mold and tap it on the counter.  He then filled in the last three birds.  We'll have to do this many, many, many times over the next few days since we can only make 4 birds at a time and we need a lot of birds, but luckily it's a pretty quick easy process.  I'm sure by Thursdays he'll be a pro. at making chocolate candy! 


  I finally had a few minutes to get some housework done and walked back into the playroom to find them all spread out with the K'nex building bridges, tents, and playing oh so nicely!

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