Sunday, April 28, 2013

Another day at the zoo

   We had a whole family fun day planned that sort of fell apart. OK- if you want to get technical I had a family fun day planned; my husband planned to work on trying to finish up the dirt bike/ four wheeler track we're making in our woods for the boys (and my husband, who will use it more than any one of my boys I'm sure!).  My oldest son really wanted to stay and help his dad.  I couldn't blame him, he got to drive the excavator, ranger, and whatever other assorted equipment they pulled into the job by the end of the day.  We tried to wait around for them to finish but around 9 this morning we decided to go for a walk and see what they had left. We discovered they'd barely started.  So we all decided that I'd take the two younger ones to the zoo and Ian would stay with his dad.
     We headed to Southwick's Zoo today.  We walked all around the zoo checking out the baby animals, taking a train ride through the elk forest, and seeing what was new for this year.  We've been coming to Southwick's Zoo for 8 years and it's amazing to watch how much it grows and transforms from year to year.  New rides, attractions, exhibits and animals.  They're constantly working to make it a better zoo and it shows.  We had a great day and learned even more about the animals.  Alec talked to several zoo keepers set up around the zoo and got to see a gorilla hand, foot and skull up close.  We got to examine a giraffe's skull and compare one of their vertebrae with ours.  It was great.  It was also pretty hot in the sun and it was crowded so by 1 o'clock my boys were ready to call it quits.

 learning about the giraffe

Alec loves the birds

White Rhinoceros

The new baby lions are already very big

We love seeing the peacock in "full bloom"

The hedgehog is awake!
A new baby monkey

The little baby lemur is getting a ride

Baby Jacob's sheep

Learning about the importance of an opposable thumb

Checking out the reptiles

    Once home they played in the yard on the slides, swings, with the fishing net and the lake.   We laid on the dock and closed our eyes to discover what we could hear.  They were muddy, sandy, dirty, and sweaty.  They ate snack after snack (after not eating at all while we were at the zoo!) and commented to me that this was a perfect day.  I had to agree.  It was pretty darn perfect.  Beautiful sunshine, a nice breeze, and fun with my boys.  What more could a mother ask for? 

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