Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rainbow stories

Our Children's librarians all dressed for rainbow night

Making fruit loop necklaces
        I just loved this blog I stumbled across yesterday.  The article I read was called 18 reasons why Doctors and Lawyers homeschool.  Now I should warn you that the title is a bit misleading but in general it goes over the reasons why this one family homeschools but emphasizes how much homeschooling is growing and how many different types of families homeschool.  It's funny, no matter how many of these articles I read and no matter how much each family differs from one another we all have the same basic reasons.  Is it all sunshine and roses and happy, smiling faces everyday?  Well, NO!  But I do find our days are happier most days than they ever were when we were schlepping our kids around to school and after school activities.  It's amazing what a difference a little freedom to set your own schedule for your own family will make.  Speaking of setting our own schedule...  my kids agreed yesterday to wake up and get ready extra early this morning since we had to get out to the grocery store and make it back home to put all of our groceries away before leaving for a homeschool gym day.  I wasn't sure this was going to be possible since we all got to bed a little late last night.  Our library had a special event called Rainbow Stories last night that my younger two sons wanted to attend.  They got to listen to Spring/rainbow stories, make fruit loop necklaces, paint with pudding, sing songs, get their faces painted, decorate and eat graham crackers with colored frosting and sprinkles,  etc.  It was great.   Evan was thrilled to run into one of his friends from school.  Alec was thrilled when everyone oohed and aahed over his pudding painting of the cheetah.  Evan's painting came out looking like most of the other's with some blobs of paint here and there and dashes and lines where he just experimented with texture and color and I really wish I had brought a camera with me (these photos on the blog are from the librarian) because while his painting may not have looked like much to the casual observer, I was amazed at the story he told me his picture told.  There was an orange dot to one side of the page that was the Magic Treehouse and Jack and Annie were on the other side of the paper.  They had to make their way through all the dashes (which was a giant lazer maze) in order to get back into the treehouse safely.  They had been on a mission for Merlin trying to rescue him and they were all done but they had to fight their way through the maze in order to get into the house and get safely home.  It was a wonderful story!  And It was a great, free, family fun night!   By the time we got home they all wanted a bit of time with Daddy, who will be working late for the next few nights and I couldn't say no!  But I knew if they couldn't get up on time in the morning we could find time later in the day or on Friday to get our groceries done.  Our schedule is usually pretty flexible and I just love that!

         While the boys did sleep in a little we had time to run to the grocery store this morning.  On the way we listened to the Magic Treehouse story Leprechauns in Late Winter.  The boys helped out in the store as usual with Ian pushing a second carriage and helping me select things from the shelf.  He's learned to check the dates on things we buy like milk and orange juice to make sure they won't go bad.  Alec, once again crossed items off my list and even tried to teach Evan some reading by asking him to find words on the list.
          Once home the boys made themselves breakfast while I put away the groceries.  Ian and Alec worked on Alec's color by number page and then all the boys made up a game to play for a bit and then tried to play hide and seek.  By that time we needed to leave and I had the boys help me load up the car with a bunch of equipment for our homeschool gym day.  We brought a Frisbee, a hula hoop, some balls, a bat, a soccer ball and other assorted toys to play with.  On the drive we listened to more of our book on CD and stopped by the library to pick up Alec's pudding painting; to our surprise it did actually dry!  I felt real bad that Evan's painting was missing, luckily he didn't seem to be upset.  
       We played at the gym for an hour running, batting, pitching, spinning in circles until we were dizzy and all the kids took turns spinning in a soft "drum/barrel."  They had a great time and worked off some of their energy.  I think they were bummed that only one other family showed up but they all played fairly nice together. 



        We finished our Treehouse book on the way home and had some lunch while watching Liberty's Kids We the People.  The kids told me they thought it was a boring movie and they were glad it was short but when I asked them if they'd rather learn history some other way they all agreed the movies were their favorite way.  Unfortunately, they just seem to hate learning about history.  The only time I think they actually enjoy it is when they don't even know they're learning it; like when we read some of the Magic Treehouse books and they visit places and times in history.
       After lunch the boys played outside and Alec toted his camera all around taking pictures of everyone and everything. He even tried to take self- portraits while looking in a mirror.  It was rather fitting that the room we were using at the library last night for rainbow stories was filled with all sorts of photographer's works on display.  We took a few moments to walk around and inspect their animal pictures, portraits and flowers.  I think it's given him some ideas. 

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