Monday, March 11, 2013

Making Music & Racing Cars

       The time change found the boys really sleeping in today.  I think it was after 8 by the time they all found their way downstairs.  We finally got around to painting our Lego table, that my husband made, this weekend.  I put it in the playroom last night once it was completely dry.  The boys brought down several Lego bins and spent the morning building.  There was quite a bit of fighting and I ignored what I could since they were working but I did have to intervene every now and then.  I'm sure as the new- ness wears off there won't be nearly as much fighting.  For now I'm just trying to focus on what they're creating and ignore the bickering as much as I can.  We spent the rest of the morning playing jump rope, counting, making breakfast, cleaning house and doing laundry. 
      We packed lunches and got ready for trampoline.  Since we were ready early we read a few chapters in Moonlight on the Magic Flute.  We had listened to half of the book in the car and now we're finishing it up.  When we finished reading the boys spent the rest of the time (and a good portion of the ride) singing and making up songs.  Sometimes they pretended they were Jack and Annie, sometimes they were just themselves.  But it was neat to hear their songs; some of which rhymed.   The boys all pulled out some library books and read them in the car for most of the driving around we did today. 
    Evan and I ate lunch while watching the boys jumping and working on some new skills.  Evan brought along a big dot-to-dot book and an activity book to keep him occupied today as well as a Memory game featuring Cars characters.  We played a few games and he kept himself occupied for the whole two hours without complaining.  He told me he might want to sign up again and try trampoline again.  I'm a bit nervous about this since he wasn't a real controlled jumper but I hate to tell him he can't when his brothers are.  I guess we'll wait and see if he still wants to try it when it comes time to sign up for the next round. 
    After trampoline we stopped at the library to drop off our books and pick up some new ones.  We're almost out of books here which is very unusual for us.  Alec did spend part of his morning requesting a dozen more books so I'm sure the slump is only temporary!  I brought the boys to Mad Science camp.  Today they learned all about potential and kinetic energy.  They made race cars and even got to try racing them against one another. 

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