Monday, March 18, 2013

Crime Scene Investigators

         My boys were so upset that we didn't have trampoline today.  Our Monday class has become saturated with jumpers and by the time I received a sign- up invitation through my e- mail it was already full.  There were no other days or times offered that fit in with our schedules so we had to for go class this round.  I was feeling bad that the boys were so upset and I was trying very hard to think of something fun we could do for the day.  But with the weather being so cold & snow in the forecast I knew it had to be something indoors.  However, the boys had science class this afternoon, so we couldn't go too far either. We finally decided to just wait and go on a field trip tomorrow and so we spent the day hanging around here, playing, and working on our geography displays. 
         We needed to head to the library at some point to pick up some books and movies we had requested and drop off those that were due.  Once the boys saw that all of our movies were due back they begged to watch the Science of Disney Imagineering videos we had checked out last week so we ended up spending our morning learning about gravity, liquids and energy.  I think they were still disappointed that they were only able to watch them each once though.  At one point they stopped the movies and gathered up all their stuffed animals and blankets and brought them downstairs.  They spread out all the blankets & set up their animals so that their animals could watch too. 

       After breakfast I had the boys clean their rooms and while I vacuumed they got ready for the day.  Once we were all done our chores I called them all over to me individually and I drew a sketch of their geography display boards and asked them what they planned to put where so we could get an idea of how much work we have ahead of ourselves.  Ian and Alec had very definite ideas of how they wanted to set up their boards and what they wanted on them.  We also made a list of all the "extra" things they wanted to include in their set up at the fair so we can work  a bit each day on these projects and get them all done. 
        We headed out to Michael's and Staples to get some supplies and after lunch we got to work.  I told them it will probably take 15-20 minutes each day where we'll work on our boards and then we'll have everything done for the fair.  Alec, Evan, and I went up into my craft room to work on titles and subtitles for the boards using my Cricut.  We got all the names cut out and laid on the boards.  While we were busy working on that Ian was on the computer typing up a list of all the different types of transportation people use in Alaska.  I then showed him how to add clip art and pictures from the Internet to his list so he has a nice visual display that should draw the children over to his board. 
       After we were done working on that Ian went up into the tub with some toys and his bathing suit to play in the water.  Evan was supposed to join him but changed his mind at the last minute.  Alec was playing with his Mario characters and had the princesses twined up in our blind cords for Mario to rescue from Bowser.  Then he told me what happens 4 years later.  Him and Evan played with out Rubik cube, 20 ?'s (the electronic hand- held version), and bop it for a bit trying to best each other's score.  By this time our house looked like a hurricane had come through and we spent the next hour cleaning it all up so the boys would be ready for Mad Science. 

        While they were at Mad Science learning all about  crime scene investigators, I went to the library to return our books and movies and pick up the new ones that came in for us. It's funny how just last week we barely had a book or two in the house and now I know we have so many there's no way we'll be able to read them all! But Alec got many new books and I'm sure he'll read all of his.  When I picked them up they were all excited to tell me about the mock crime scene that was set up with "police line do not cross" tape and that they read a story about solving crimes.  They talked about evidence, fingerprinting and photographing the crime scene.  They thought this was awesome!  They got a kit to take home where they can fill in their name, D. O. B., hair & eye color, height and weight, fingerprint themselves (including the ink set) and keep a lock of their hair.  Evan sat right down and got to work as soon as we walked in the door.  Ian went to play outside in the dirt and Alec sat in the car finishing his new book Porcupines that he had started in the car on the way home. 
        All the boys had looked at books on the drive home.  Ian and Evan mostly paged through the books looking at all the pictures but Alec immediately got sucked into his book and had to finish it before he would even come in the house.  He had discovered the author Sandra Markle a while back and just loves her series.  She has a few but his favorites are the animal predators, animal scavengers, and animal prey series.  He just loves them and he can read an entire book in under 20 minutes.  Ian and Evan looked through the Polar Bear book and Evan's two books he checked out on Lego creations.  It's amazing to see all the neat stuff Sean Kenney makes with his Lego's.  I thought it was a really nice compliment too when Evan told us all that "the author makes all kinds of neat stuff with his Lego's like Ian!" 

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