Monday, March 4, 2013

Boy oh boys!

          The boys were all playing so nicely this morning that I didn't want to interrupt at all so I went off and started cleaning the house while they played with the Trio blocks and built a race car ramp.  They then went on to playing twister, traded Pokemon cards, had a sword fight, and then begged me to join them in playing twister again.  We played several games together with lots of giggling!  It was really fun and the boys told me they were practicing their lefts from their rights and based on what I saw they do need the practice; then again I usually have to stop and think myself!  Evan got some very basic  reading practice while calling out the moves using the picture cues to help him and knowing that L says the "l" sound so it must be left and R says "r" so it must be right.  They played until mid- morning when I finally started making them breakfast. 
        All during breakfast they played "telephone."  It's a new game they learned last Monday at Mad Science and they've been playing it every chance they can.  They giggle and shout so loud to one another it's a wonder to me how they even think it's a secret message but they sure do have fun playing and any word game that requires listening skills is a great one in my book.
        After lunch we headed out to trampoline class.  Alec read Slap, Squeak and Scatter to himself and Evan while driving there.  I was so grateful to him for reading out loud since Evan was upset that this book was due back at the library today and we hadn't yet gotten around to reading it yet.  His reading was made all the better by the fact that Alec pretended his stuffed bear Bear-D was reading it.  Bear-D occasionally made some mistakes in his squeaky bear voice while reading and Alec would correct him and help Bear-D sound it out.  It made us all laugh a bit and it was neat to see him try his hand at teaching.  Once there the boys eagerly started jumping and talking with their friends.  And while the older boys jumped and worked on trampoline skills Evan and I played another game of Add a Bug.  He's really get good at adding and is starting to read the spaces on the board when he lands on them.   He spent the rest of the time trying to teach himself how to play Chess using my Kindle and the Chess game we downloaded. 
      After trampoline the boys headed to Mad Science and they were all so eager to see what they'd get to learn about today.  Turns out today's topic was all about bugs.  The boys made clay bugs to take home.  Evan made a blue scorpion he called Green Arrow, Alec made a yellow "fart" bug that acts like he's a bee but if predators come near he farts and scares them away.  I just thought this was a riot and such a great use of his imagination.  Not all that surprisingly Alec called him Pokemon. 
      While they were at Mad Science I was in charge of returning our books and movies and checking out some new ones.  Alec had a few he had requested that had come in and we needed some new books on CD for the car. The boys enjoyed the Magic Treehouse ones so much I picked out a few more of those as well as picking up the book Moonlight on the Magic Flute, this was the book on CD we tried to listen to last night on the way home from dinner but it kept skipping and then stopped playing altogether.  I promised the boys I'd pick up the book today and we could finish reading where the CD left off. 
        Ian read a few pages of the Magic Treehouse book to himself on the way home while Alec read Grassland and Evan looked through Arctic Land.  I kicked all the boys outside when we got home since it was pretty nice out and they seemed to have lots of extra energy today, even after trampoline.  Alec came in after a bit and asked if he could help make dinner so I taught him how to boil pasta, use pot holders, and carefully pour the pasta/water in to the strainer.  He then helped me toss it into a pasta salad for dinner.  We had started a game of Battleship when I heard a commotion outside. 
       Our routine Monday went right out the window when Evan came in crying, holding his head while blood gushed down his face, hands, jacket, pants, boots, etc.  It looked bad, but experience has taught me that head wounds often do.  I got him to the sink, cleaned him up, & calmed him down.  Meanwhile Ian filled me in on what had happened. While playing together, his cousin accidentally hit him with a metal hoe.  I was so proud of all my boys though.  Alec offered to take Evan's bloody coat and mittens to the wash and grab the bucket of medicine for me.  He even helped me measure out the right dose of Motrin for him.  Ian offered to mop up all the blood off the floors and they all kept asking Evan if he was OK.  His cousin came in, feeling so bad, apologising profusely.  In the end my husband and I decided Evan should probably get the cut checked out so my husband took him to the emergency room.  The poor kid ended up needing stitches after all so it was a good thing he went!  He was pretty brave though and I'm sure he'll bounce back in no time like all kids do.  Ah... the joy of having boys!  With three of them we rarely have a dull moment around here. 
        Still feeling bad for their brother, the boys needed a bit of cheering up so I let them watch our new Disney Imagineering movie all about magnets while they ate dinner.   They then finished up the Battleship game Alec and I started.  They're great at finding points on a coordinate and have such amazing strategies of trying to place their ships and trick their opponent. 


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