Friday, March 1, 2013

Always something new

       We headed to the Ecotarium again today.  Each time we go there is always something new for us to see and do.  I'm really motivated to try new things with the boys after stumbling across this blog called 52 Brand New where this woman documents the new things her and her kids try each week.  It's chuck full of great ideas but it made me stop and think about how often we do the same thing each week, go to the same places, repeat the same experiences, etc.  and while I think repetition is good I also like the thought of doing just one new thing each week.  It could be something small or something big; just something new.  But alas, I  hadn't come up with any ideas yet.  We put in a book on CD; The Magic Treehouse Eve of the Emperor Penguin and listed to that on the way there (the boys loved it so much we finished the book on the way home and they asked if we could listen to another tomorrow!).
        We arrived at the Ecotarium and found it to be quite mobbed for most of the morning.  We decided to buy tickets for the Planetarium; something we've NEVER done and I thought that would be our "new" thing for the week.  The boys were really excited but the movie wasn't until 3:00.  Had I known that  the movie didn't start until 3:00 we probably would have spent more time at home this morning and gotten there later, closer to the movie time.  But since we were there anyway we decided to make the best of it.  And, I do have to say we still found new things to do (not including the planetarium!).    The boys were extremely interested in all the microscopes today and kept looking at things like mold, algae, sand, and shells.  We found a portion of a wall that you can touch and see the heat your body gives off; I challenged them to try and turn the whole wall green (warm).   We played some new games they had set up and went for a walk in the snow spotting wild turkey tracks.  But the best new thing for us was finally checking out the planetarium.  We saw a show all about volcanoes, earthquakes, and tornadoes.  While all the boys loved the Planetarium itself Alec and Evan did not enjoy the actual movie and kept telling me it was going to give them nightmares.  I felt bad, but the only other movie was with Big Bird and they all agreed that was "too Babyish."  They did love the domed ceiling though and we pointed out all the different cameras working together to make the rounded projection. 

      We also got to do and see many of our old favorite exhibits today.  We played rod hockey and Jenga.  We measured dinosaur tracks and calculated how fast they move.  We saw the owls, pheasants, and bald eagles (and listened to them screech with happiness over the new nest that was build today!).  We tried out the hurricane wind tunnel (many, many times), and played with changing the direction of the wind on the pinwheels.  We played on the playground and Alec tried to teach Ian how to use the "fireman's" pole.  We were in and out and up and down all day long.   We sat through a critter encounter that taught us a few new things about the screech owl.  Alec knew immediately (upon seeing the little red wooden box) that it was going to be about screech owls and ended up dominating most of the talk until the lady, really kindly, asked him if could raise his hand and let others have a turn too. 


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