Friday, February 22, 2013

Play 'til you drop!

     Though our day started off lazy with lots of TV time, we ended up being on the go a LOT!  We had plans to meet one of Ian's friends from school at Zoinks for their open play time but I wanted to run a few errands before we got there.  We stopped at the library, the bank and the post office.  We listened to 7 books on CD today while we ran errands and on our way to Zoinks.  We arrived at Zoinks 45 min early for their open playtime and it's a good thing we did!  They actually let us squeeze into a class that was already "full."  Guess they've been selling out almost all open play times all week!  It was mobbed.  The boys didn't care but honestly, I missed joining in and jumping with them.  It was fun visiting with the mom's and watching the boys tire themselves right out but it just wasn't the same.  I was very proud of Evan, who not only thought nothing of joining in with 30 or so strangers and playing but who made a new friend.  Every time I looked for him he was playing with the same little boy.  It was adorable and I just thought "wow! Look how much he's grown!"  He told me all about his friend on the way home, his name, his favorite things, etc.  It was great.
       Ian and Alec were very careful of the kids around them and at one point I even saw Alec stop playing to help a slightly injured child find his mom.  It was so sweet!  I love seeing things that because I know I'm raising my boys right.  They're aware and they care.  By the end of the hour or so though they were all wearing down and were tired, sweaty and hungry!  We hadn't eaten because the boys all had a late breakfast but the bananas and cereal were long gone by 2:00!  They begged to go to McDonald's and Ian's friend and his mom had stopped at a "new" one on the way.  Once they told the boys about the playground, I had no hope.  So we headed to Mc Donald's and the boys played on the play scape after lunch for a little bit.  Mostly, thought I think they were still tired.  They listened to a book on CD on the way home and they were all yawning and settling back.  I know if the ride had been longer they would have all fallen asleep.  But since it was almost 4 by the time we got home I was really glad they hadn't or else no one would've been ready for bed tonight.
      Once home Ian helped me make meatballs for dinner and then all the boys worked together to help Alec fold his laundry and put it all away.  I'm the first to admit that my boys aren't always that nice to each other but Ian and Alec both wanted to play Monopoly real bad and I refused until all the chores were done for the day.  Talk about an incentive!  They love Monopoly and while I hate it I know it's a good lesson in math, reading and good sportsmanship.  Ian and Alec both cheer when someone lands on their property.  They grin with glee when someone doesn't have enough money pay.  They pout and sulk when someone goes by their property and they cry when they run out of money.  It's tough but we're trying to teach them it's a game.  Win or loose; have fun!  Today we had loads of fun playing until Alec lost... I felt bad but this game has lasted weeks (perhaps months!) and we had long since run out of money and started making our own. I was happy to see the game finally coming to a near end. I had to make dinner anyway and so we decided to stop for today.

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