Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Color my world..

       .. or at least the kitchen.  The boys helped me pick out some paint so we could re-paint our kitchen.  We're fortunate enough to have a large kitchen with large windows so we went with a dark navy color for the walls ( I know it looks purple here and it did a bit when we first put it on the walls too but luckily it dried much darker and looks bluer now!).  This morning the boys were up bright and early, eager to help me paint.  I used painter's tape to tape off all the trim, outlets, switches, etc and then the boys watched me brush around the outer perimeter of the room before they each took a turn with the roller.  They had so much fun and did a really great job! 



    They soon lost interest though since the kitchen has relatively little wall space and requires a lot of cutting in that I just don't think they're ready for yet.  They asked to watch a movie and I allowed it since they all decided on The Science of Disney's Imagineering; Newton's 3 Laws of Motion.  I had heard about the Disney Imagineering movies (it's a HUGE series) through a facebook post on Hip Homeschool Mom's page and requested this one on inter library loan.  My boys love Disney, and are in the process of convincing us to take them to WDW again, so I thought this would be a perfect movie series for them.  Boy, was I right!   The movie is only 30 minutes and, while it was a bit advanced, they really enjoyed watching it.  It didn't hurt that many familiar Disney rides and attractions are featured in the movie.  After the movie was over I heard Alec saying they were trying to use the motion of Evan's body to get Alec's body to move just like the movie was talking about.  They told me all about motion using simple terms rather than the scientific ones in the movie but I was pretty impressed.
       Alec finished off his Hula skirt that he made for his cousin and tried it on then decided to give lessons to Ian.  It was hilarious and so nice to see these two really getting along.  Alec then offered to make masks for each of his brothers and was hard at work most of the morning making a dog mask and a "regular mask."   Ian wanted a silver one so he could be the silver surfer and Evan wanted to be a dog. 

          While he was busy making things out of duct tape his brothers were playing "gold mine."  They used the sink as a sluice, mini trucks as their mining equipment and they worked together to "cut down" trees and "dig dirt." 
       After lunch, we finally decided it was time to wash up, clean up, and get ready for the day.  I honestly had this moment when I was making lunch where I wondered what all the other families were doing on their vacation when I remembered that we weren't vacationing; we were homeschooling!  It's rare that we have a day where all runs so smoothly and two days like that is just unheard of!   Alec decided to spend the afternoon in the bathtub with a bunch of his animals and Ben 10 figures.  Ian and Evan spent the afternoon using remote control vehicles again.  Evan had great fun trying to crash his all- terrain vehicle into every available surface.  It was pretty hard though, since it doesn't travel in a straight line. 
        We also spent a good portion of our afternoon playing Life.  The boys really enjoy the game and I love all the reading and math they're utilizing while playing.  It also gives them a chance to plan out real life scenarios.   It was loud and it does get annoying to play with three boys who are yelling, giggling and just plain silly but I know they learn so much too; counting, adding money, making change, reading, deciding if college careers are worth the time and money, etc.
         When we were done Evan decided to use the tape measure to see how long the ladder is.  The boys noticed the silly putty was getting hard because they left if out most of the day and so they tried adding a bit of water to each container to see what would happen.  It did make the silly putty soft again but Alec also noticed it made the putty stickier too.  They had snack, started in with a sword battle and after the third round of tears I decided to send them outside.  
         Unfortunately, that always leads to more tears since Alec HATES getting ready to go out.  Once outside he's happy as a clam though and is usually one of the last ones to come in; go figure!  They brought out the hover craft and the all terrain vehicle and used those in the snow, sand and water.  We've talked before about the range on the remote controls not being all that big when we warned them not to sail Ian's boat too far away this summer so they wanted to try and find a way to tie up the vehicles to some rope and keep them safe.  I finally convinced them to stay along the shore walking with them.  Then, when they stopped working they went right to using tools (and their hands) to chop up the ice.  I've long since stopped asking them not to play in the water.  I've learned that boys are just compelled to mud, water, ice, and all that messy, cold, wet stuff.  They thrive on it and I'm sure they're learning all kinds of wonderful science and cause/ effect stuff.  It was pretty cold today but they all had on boots, ski pants, gloves, winter coats and hats so even though everything isn't 100% waterproof and I'm sure their clothes will be nice and wet too when they come in they are wearing all that I can think of to help them stay warm and dry.   The best part though was that it was time for me to cook dinner and the boys were so engaged outside that they didn't ask to go inside and watch TV or movies! 

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