Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Roger Williams Zoo

OK, so we didn't really go to a "new" zoo, but the boys couldn't remember going there before so it was new to them! 

Today, while a bit chilly, was so nice that I wanted to go somewhere.  We've had a rough couple of days around here and I thought we were in need of a field trip.  Alec's latest obsession with Lesser Pandas made me think of Roger Williams Park Zoo.  I've been promising him I'd take him there for a while and decided it was the perfect time. 

They loved it. 

 The boys were so excited to see different animals like giant anteaters, lesser pandas, American bison, green tree boa, red crowned crane, elephants, penguins, harbor seals, red wolf,  and African wild dogs to name a few.  

African Wild Dogs 

We acted out different animals as we walked through the park and read all the signs. 

They got to try and jump as far as a snow leopard (50 feet!) but we only made it as far as a flea or bunny (4-6 feet).  

We watched a video of a baby giraffe being born and saw an elephant skull up close in the elephant/ giraffe enclosure.  The boys were very excited to hear that the zoo now has a Binturong too! 

The two younger boys brought their cameras and really worked on learning how to take pictures; focusing, zooming, using a flash, etc.  Ian was getting very annoyed with Alec when he couldn't get just the right shot of certain animals and we had to stand there for minutes upon minutes.  

Alec trying to get a picture of the Barbary Sheep

They read maps, checked out the new playground and tree house.  We looked at all the different insects found inside the playhouse too.

The boys got to see a bus stop their dad made at work

An elephant skull

We're Giant Anteaters inside a termite mound

The boys each bought a stuffed animal today

Lesser panda


The river otter is yawning; not hissing.  The boys loved him (or her?)!

He is pretty darn cute!

bald eagle 

The tree house!  An awesome new play area for kids. 

Luna moths and insects all around to see 


fun with gears and colored leaves

Drums, wind chimes, and rhythm sticks


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