Thursday, November 8, 2012

Science Fair

            The day finally arrived.  The boys were so excited and couldn't wait to leave, but since the homeschool science fair didn't start until 11 we had to find something to occupy our morning.  Ian chose to read another Curious George story and play multiplication memory again.  He also wanted to re-take his math minute on the 10's tables and passed; he got 9 more than yesterday!  He was so excited.  Evan also wanted to play memory so we took out his Cars game and I played one round with him and Ian played the other.  Evan and I snuggled on the couch to read Diego's Underwater Mystery and then he asked if he could do a maze and a dot- to- dot.  After that they went outside. 
            Alec slept in this morning so he was just getting around to having breakfast by the time the other two were bundling up to go out.  After he ate he wanted to play a math game with me that he made up.  He took all the balls from his mini pool table and put them in a dish.  He told me to close my eyes and pick two balls.  Then I had to open them and make up a subtraction sentence about the balls (I picked 10 and 6 so I said 10-6 =4).  It was his turn next and then whoever had the larger answer "won" that round and got to keep the balls.  At the end of the game the one with the most balls won.  It was cute and I was happy to see him make up his own game.  We played a few rounds and then I started packing up all our stuff for the science fair. 
           The fair was being held at the library so we go there a bit early and checked out some books.  We had several we requested that came in and the boys wanted to pick out some movies too.  They all picked the Magic School Bus and Diego and told me they were all about science.  I agreed and they've already started watching them this afternoon as part of school. 
           The science fair was great.  There were a variety of science projects and a huge span of ages of children that participated.  They all received a certificate for participating.  It was amazing to see all the hard work and dedication, even from some very young children.   Evan's tornado in a bottle experiment was a huge hit as was Ian's boiling blood.  Alec changed his mind at the last minute and came up with an experiment called the motion of the ocean.  His sedimentary bottle had hardened and since it wasn't going to be a hands on project that other kids could play with he was afraid no one would like it.  We put blue water and some oil in a jar and he made waves using human energy.  I honestly don't think Alec would have noticed if anyone liked his project or not though since he was so absorbed in seeing and reading about everyone else's projects that he was never at our table for very long.   Here are the other projects we saw:
Learning about electricity 
Electricity & alternative Energy (a huge hit with Ian & Alec!)

The boys loved that these snap circuits ran a mini windmill and made all sorts of noises too.  It didn't hurt that the boy had made electricity poles out of chocolate and pretzels that he was passing out. 
Static electricity at work!

This butterfly study drew the kids in by allowing them to color their own bookmark to take home. 
The mammal study complete with definition of mammals, toy mammals, puzzles, books and activity sheets was a huge hit w/ Alec!

This girls human body study was very in- depth!  She filled in tons of diagrams, wrote a report, remade the body using a 3-5 and 2-d model and then she brought a brain jello- mold for snacks and an operation game.  It was great and so clever!

This little boy's rain forest study was very impressive.  He couldn't
have been more than 4 and he did most of the writing himself,
he also made tons of art projects to go along with it 

This boys took his nature collection and sorted according to type of tree and even labeled many of the specimens

Ian's favorite display was on rocks and minerals.  They had fools
gold, sulfur, mica, amethyst. 
Here he is studying them all. 
Ian is learning how to make molecules! 
This young boy used animal crackers to show animal habitats.  It was cute & of course he brought animal crackers to share
Alec is playing an instrument made of wood and wire while learning about music

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