Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Learning when I'm not looking

            I have told the boys they get to take this holiday week off from school since we have quite a bit to do, but once again I realized how much they learn on their own.  While I baked pies and got us all packed up and ready to go to our homeschool trampoline class yesterday morning my boys sat on the floor putting together puzzle after puzzle.  Evan was putting the United States puzzle together and repeated the puzzle when it said the name and capital of each state.  "See, Mom I'm learning!" He says.    He then asked his brothers to please read him a Batman book. 
          The two older boys were overjoyed to be back at trampoline class now that Ian's cast if off.  They were a bit nervous since we switched days and I explained that they would have all new "friends" at this class.  They fit right in and loved it.  Within five minutes of jumping they had made new friends and talked up a storm.  Since Evan did not enjoy trampoline class last round he decided to sit out with me and watch.  He brought along his Leapster and played learning games.  You all know by now how much I don't advocate for screens but I was amazed at what he was learning playing his games; tens and ones place, contractions, spelling.  It was great since he thought he was just having fun! 
          I was impressed that with a day off they had worked so many skills without realizing it.  But I was even more impressed when we went shopping with my sister after trampoline.  As she was trying on clothes Ian asked me how much she was going to buy and I explained that she had a $50 gift card and I had two items she was planning on buying in my hand.  They were around $12.95 each. I told him to figure it out.   I asked him to round them to a whole number and he immediately knew it would be $13 then told me she was spending $26 so she'd have $24 left!  Great math work in his head.   I was so proud. 
         They helped clean the house for Thanksgiving and read some books before bed.  It was a great day "off" from school.  It just reaffirms my belief that you can't ever take a break from homeschooling because they are ALWAYS learning. 

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  1. Sounds just like our house! We took the week off too, but everyday we've done crafts, cooking, read books, played learning games online etc. They really do learn a lot without planned curriculum