Thursday, November 29, 2012

Down Under!

        We tried to get ready quickly this morning. I had all the boys eat breakfast together while I read a few chapters from each of our three books. Once again, they didn't want me to stop reading any of them but we really had to get moving. It was just about 9 by the time we were all ready and I had the fleeting sense of panic that if we ever went back to public school (or had an early morning appointment) we'd always be late! I hate being late; to me being on time for something is being late. I'm always arriving 5- 10 minutes early, or at least I used to before we started homeschooling. One thing about living a more relaxed laid- back life style is that you tend to get used to it and being on time becomes even more of a challenge. For now, I'm just grateful we do homeschool and I don't have to battle the kids every morning to get up, dressed and out the door. It didn't hurt that they had somewhere so fun to go to this morning, it made them much more agreeable to getting ready.
          My boys and I have a special treat planned for today.  My husband's Aunt and Uncle spent a month in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji so the boys are going on a "field trip" to visit their great aunt.  She's planned a whole day of fun and learning for them.  They will be baking a morning snack together, looking at the pictures from Australia, NZ & Fiji (lots of awesome animal and aquarium ones) and reading a few related Australian animal books. I was told that Alec is especially gonna love the souvenir program on the nightly Australian fairy penguin parade (which they went to). She's also hoping to make an EDIBLE Xmas art project when they need a break. 
Here are the edible trees they made; Alec's has red garland!  Just gumdrops, toothpicks and foam trees. 
So simple and adorable!

         I was told to drop them off anytime after 8:15 and to pick them back up by 3:00.  I don't know who's more excited.  The boys, who just love their aunt and can't wait to see what she has planned for them, or me, who gets the whole day to herself!  I'm hoping to finish Christmas shopping without prying eyes around and hopefully get to the grocery store too since it's been two weeks since I last went.  I'm kind of sad I'll be missing out on all that they'll be learning about today (I really want to hear all about the trip and see these wonderful pictures too!) and I can't wait to hear all about it when I pick them up.  They have quite a background on Australia already, since I knew we'd eventually get to see and hear all about their once in a lifetime trip, but I can't wait to hear about all the new things they'll learn about and teach me! 

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