Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Back in the Groove with Games Galore!

              By 7:30 this morning Ian was done school!  He read another Curious George book (I think he's almost read them all at this point because he told me we need to get more of them) and I found, what I hope was, a fun way to practice multiplication skills.  I stumbled across this site on Pinterest and liked her "rolling multiples" worksheet but figured Ian would grumble at having to write it all down.  Part of the beauty of homeschooling is getting to sit with each child on occasion and work together, so I told him we'd play rolling multiples.  I had him roll the two dice, find the sum and then tell me the multiples.  Depending on the number rolled sometimes he only recited up to multiples of 5 (like when he rolled 6, 7, & 8), other times I had him go up to 10 or 12 (like when he rolled 5, 10).  I had him roll the dice 10 times so even though he didn't really realize it he did well over 50 problems in just a few minutes!  Then the real grumbling came when I had him do some cursive, but honestly, isn't it beautiful?
 I found him a joke book cursive writing practice so he could at least have something funny to copy. He does love the jokes but he still hates the writing.
Not one to be left out here's some pictures of Alec's cursive work from today:

           Evan and I played tic- tac- toe sight words this morning.  I printed out this blank tic tac toe template then filled it in with a few wight words.  It's played just like regular tic- tac- toe but in order to cover the sight word he had to read it to me first (since he's very new to sight words I coached him quite a bit) and we had fun.  I let him win a few times and made sure he had to read at least each word once.  He really surprised me a few times, though.  When we first sat down he looked at a game board said "yes!" and covered up the word yes.  He knew yes, mom, dad, red and go!  I had no idea he knew that many words. 

           Everyone wanted to play Alec's math memory game; Match 10.  We've played this before, it's played with the number cards 1-9 out of the Uno deck and you try to flip over two cards that match to 10.  We had a lot of fun, and Ian ended up winning by the last two matches. 

          Evan and I played Dinosaur Train to work on numbers.  It's a traditional board game that we got a long time ago but I thought it was a fun way to teach him to recognise the numbers he spins and to use one to one correspondence to move his dinosaur along the trail.  We also played a 123 go Diego Go game since he asked. 



      We read a book called Going Home; The Mystery of Animal Migration and then followed that up with a fun Penguin Painting.  It's a two part painting so we did the background today.  We used we rags to wipe color onto our background and then painted cling wrap white and pressed it over the blue to make a very neat background texture.

Removing the cling wrap to reveal the texture 


    As Evan kept saying "I'm all done school today" but really they were playing and learning all morning.  Evan went back to the marble maze we made yesterday.  He made a marble jump, the Tower of Terror, and then turned the bucket into hot lava.  He had so much fun.

           Alec choose to read a bunch of old magazines I found yesterday-- Click, Your Big Backyard, and National Geographic Kids.  Coincidentally he was reading about birds in winter. 

          Ian played outside in his rock quarry/ gold mine and found some interesting rocks he brought inside.  He wants to get some books at the library to help him figure out what kind of rocks they are.  So, I'm sure we'll head to the library later.  He was asking me about permafrost and can't wait for the ground to freeze for some reason. 

       During lunch we plan to check out a new TV show called Timeblazers.  It's a show all about history and if you'd like to learn more about it you can check it out on Qubo's website.  I'm so happy we covered all the subjects today and honestly, I think the kids had so much fun they didn't even realize it!