Monday, November 12, 2012

A day off

          Since all the schools have today off in honor of Veteran's day we did too.  My oldest slept over his friends' house last night and us moms decided to take all the boys bowling today.  It was a hectic kind of fun with 5 boys but it was great to see them all interacting and trying so hard at bowling.  The alley near us is undergoing renovations and doesn't have the children's bumpers up and running yet so they really had to concentrate and ultimately ended up doing really well.   My boys have always used the bumpers when we've bowled but it is something we want to start getting them out of the habit of using so I thought this was a perfect time to learn.  There was some pouting and a few tears when things weren't going the way they would've liked them to, but I kept reminding them they've never bowled without bumpers before and in time they'd get better at it.  By the time we were done our hour of play they were really starting to get the hang of it. 
            We went out to lunch and it was a good lesson in compromise.  We got one giant pizza and one pitcher of soda, so they all had to agree on one kind of pizza and one kind of soda.  It was a bit tough and not everyone was completely happy but no one was completely miserable either.  They played with some disappearing ink they got at the bowling alley after playing in the arcade for a bit and us mom's joked that they were doing science.   While we were joking, they were really trying to figure out how it worked.  They used very scientific terms too like "hypothesis!"  They told jokes and kept each other well entertained during lunch and then we parted ways. 
         On the ride home I told the boys it was Veteran's day and asked if anyone knew what that meant.  They hadn't remembered (from when we talked about it last year), so I told them we'd play 20 questions.  By question number 15 the light bulb dawned and they realized that a veteran was someone who worked in our armed services.  We had a good 10 minute discussion about what that meant, what the different branches of the armed service are, what each branch does, who serves in our military, and why it's important to remember them and say thank you. 

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