Friday, November 16, 2012

A day of computer play

I decided to make today a "fun" day. 

The boys could stay in their pajamas and I thought I'd allow them to take turns playing on the computer today using some game sites. 

Evan played Starfall and Word World for a bit this morning, learning all about letters and sounds, and learning some emergent reading. 

Ian played Cool- Math and read some of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series on Funbrain.  Once Alec saw Ian playing Cool- Math he wanted a turn too.  They really loved the game Isoball 3.  Alec also likes Word World and most of the PBS kids games.  I encouraged him to try playing Cyberchase games too since they use a lot of math. 

I had them check out Sphinxkids too.  It's supposed to teach them a bit about classical music.  The older boys have once again started Words With Friends games with some family members so they've been playing that off and on today too.

I have so many great sites bookmarked that we never seem to get to so I'm thinking of making this a Friday ritual.  We'll check out some new sites and be sure to remember our favorites that way. 

         I read Turkey Trouble to Evan and as I started reading Over in the Arctic the other two came over to listen.  We learned about Arctic animals.  Alec wanted to play a game I had found on our shelves yesterday called Add A Bug, as we opened it up and the other two saw it they wanted to play too so we all played.  While it's called Add A Bug and says it works on addition skills it's really meant for younger kids.  Don't get me wrong, Alec loved it (in fact he wanted to play 3 games in a row!) but adding 1 +2 is a little basic for him; it was, however, perfect for Evan and I was glad he had decided to join us in playing. 
           We're planning on watching some Liberty's Kids episodes later and bundling up so we can go for a walk outside.  It's been so long since we've done that but that's what hats, mittens, and all that winter gear is for, I'm determined to get us all fit, happy, and healthy!

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