Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Officially homeschooling!

Today is our first official homeschooling day.  I planned several weeks worth of fun learning games and let the boys choose from a few today.

We started bright and early this morning before anyone had even eaten breakfast (they were too excited to wait until after).  I took that as a good sign!

While I can't say it has been a wonderful, perfect day; it wasn't all that bad either.  Our first activity was a science/math lesson involving M &M's.  Not surprisingly they loved it!  Once I could get them to stop fighting over the different packages of M &M's and listen to what I was saying they estimated, sorted, counted, added, compared sizes and shapes, and of course ended by eating them all! 

After Math we went on to read another few chapter in Harry Potter, Evan's attention didn't last much beyond eating the M & M's so I let him wander outside to play in the sand with his trucks and finish building his own rock quarry.

After a few chapters in our book Alec and Ian played a few rounds of Hangman to work on our spelling.  Alec worked on his favorite things blog page that I've added to my blog (hopefully he'll be writing it somewhat regularly; for today I let him dictate while I typed it up with an eventual goal of having him write it all by himself) and then the boys started on their reading logs, they each have a fun notebook they picked out where they'll record every book we're going to read together & independently.

We ended the day with a fun art project; we made our own 4th of July firework t- shirts.  

It was pretty easy, but messy so I definitely recommend doing this activity outside.   

We took red and blue fabric paint; watered each one down a bit and put them into spray bottles.  We sprayed circular- type bursts onto white t-shirts (front & back if you'd like) and then let dry.  Be sure to put some cardboard inside the shirt to keep the paint from seeping through while you're working. 

Once the sprayed bursts were dry, using a paint pen, or a brush and leftover paint we went back in and drew in the firework lines.  I'd like to say I'm creative enough that I came up w/ this idea by myself, but that's just not true.  I found a book in one of our many bookcases called Year Round Crafts for Kids that this was listed in and I thought with 4th of July right around the corner this was perfect! 

You can tell which 2 fireworks I demonstrated with on this t- shirt but Evan did a great job!

Ian wanted a lot of color on his 
Since all this was completed before lunchtime (with the t- shirts taking up most of the time), we were looking for something else to do with our day.  It was too cold to swim and since it was such a windy day we decided to head over to a local park and attempt to fly our kites.

I haven't flown a kite in ages and my kids never had so it was pretty funny watching us try and get all three kites in the air and have them stay there!  They got discouraged and tired after a while and we went to go have lunch. 

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