Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Chalk Pastel Orca Whales

I have been having such a hard time getting my boys to agree on anything lately.  They all groan and complain when I try to add some art into our days and I can not get any of them to articulate why they don't want to participate anymore.

I find that if I keep making suggestions eventually I can find a project that they're willing to work on.

That's what happened with our whale drawings.

Once we settled on WHAT to draw, I had all the boys pick out whatever color paper they wanted and we grabbed our pencils to being drawing.

We had a bit of a hard time following some on-line directions for how to draw an Orca whale when I remembered that our Draw Write Now books had a very easy to follow step by step instructional page about the whale.  So I grabbed our book, opened to the page on Orca whales and we all set to work.

Once we had our whales drawn we added some color to them.  Our plan had been to use chalk pastels but Evan informed me that he doesn't like the sound or texture of chalk and asked if he could use oil pastels instead.

Of course I said sure!

The older boys and I used chalk.  We colored the whales in using black, white and gray then added in our backgrounds. 

I took sweeping stripes of all shades of blue and green to make my background; looking like the whale was underwater.

Ian added the ocean floor and some lighter blue for the sky in his drawing.

Evan didn't want a background at all on his picture since the whale was drawn on blue which is the color of the ocean.

Alec drew his whale jumping out of the water at night with the moon sparking in the sky and off the water.  He used white, gray, blue and black to make his background.

I was so glad I pushed the boys to give it a try and I think they were all quite impressed with their drawings when we were finished.

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Virtual Refrigerator-- Drawing Orca Whales

Thanks for stopping by and joining us again this week as we host another virtual refrigerator arts and crafts link up.

I managed to cajole my boys into trying out another art project this week.  After much debate we finally settled on drawing some Orca whales.

We used our Draw Write Now books to guide us in drawing our whales and then the boys set about coloring them using chalk and oil pastels.

You can see our completed whale pictures and read more about how we made them here.

Now without further ado I invite you to grab a "magnet" and link up your arts and crafts or how- to posts below and visit some other bloggers to see what they shared on their refrigerators.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Love to Learn Linky Party-- Setting an Example

As soon as we began homeschooling (6 years ago!) we noticed that the decision to begin homeschooling completely changed how we parented our kids, looked at life, and approached just about everything.

I try to set an example for my kids that learning never ends.  I like them to see me trying out new crafts, new experiences, reading a lot of books, and even something as simple as trying new recipes.  (Like the Turkey Cornbread Pot Pie we made this week as part of the Pinterest Challenge).

They see me succeed and they know I sometimes fail too.

I talk to them about the challenges I take on and the fun there is in pushing myself beyond my comfort zone.  I know that I can tell them all these things but I think they learn best when I lead by example.

What have you been up to?  I'd love to hear from you either in the comments or by linking up your own blog post!  Please join us!

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February Pinterest Challenge: Turkey and Cornbread Pot Pie Recipe

Welcome to the February Pinterest Challenge Blog Hop! The purpose of this hop is to motivate us to not just hoard pins, but to make it happen!

I had hoped to tackle another fun art project with my boys for this months Pinterest challenge but they've all been under the weather and weren't really feeling up to it so I decided to try out one of the many, many recipes I have pinned.

I finally settled on try out the Chicken Cornbread Casserole from Growing up Gabel. Doesn't it look amazing??

Need an easy dinner recipe? Use a homemade chicken pot pie filling and top with an easy cornbread topping for a delicious casserole dinner!

Unfortunately I didn't have all the ingredients the recipe called for so I made a few small adjustments and came up with a Turkey Cornbread Pot Pie instead.

I wish I had followed the recipe just a bit more closely as our cornbread casserole was a bit dry and I felt like the cornbread had completely taken over.  It was still good but next time I would add more milk and cut the sugar in the cornbread recipe by half.  It was just too sweet for such a savory meal.

Here's how I made my Turkey Cornbread Pot Pie:

For the turkey pie:

2 cups turkey; cut into bite sized pieces
1 bag frozen mixed vegetables
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablsepoons flour
2 cups chicken broth
1/2 cup milk
2 tablespoons dried minced onion
 teaspoon of thyme
teaspoon of rosemary

For the Cornbread topping:

1 cup sugar
1 stick of butter or 3/4 cup olive oil
1 cup flour
1 cup cornmeal
3 eggs
1 Tablespoon baking powder

Since my turkey was frozen I quickly cooked it up in a frying pan with the package of frozen vegetables and cut the turkey into bit sized pieces when it was thawed out.

I set the meat and vegetables aside and in the same pan melted 2 tablespoons of butter.  I added the flour to make a roux and then slowly added in the chicken broth and milk making sure to whisk it well so I had a nice smooth sauce.  As I was cooking down the mixture to thicken it I added some dried minced onion, thyme, and rosemary for flavoring. 

I added my sauce to the meat and spread it out in a casserole dish.

In a separate bowl I mixed up my cornbread using the direction and amounts listed on the package of cornmeal I had.  I poured it over the top of my pot pie and set it in the oven (on a tray to catch any drips).  I baked it 350 for 40 minutes (again following the directions on the package of cornmeal).

It came out of the oven looking so tasty!  Nice and golden brown with the filling bubbling up.

The cornbread was nice and flaky and the filling was piping hot.

It sure did make for a nice and filling meal and the cornbread added a different taste and texture compared to our regular chicken pot pie recipe.

We are having so much fun with this challenge.  In January my boys and I tried out a new craft using nail polish marbling.

  To join next month's challenge, click here to sign-up ⇒ March Pinterest Challenge

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Monday, February 19, 2018

100 Days of Science #17-- We Made an Iceberg!

When we were reading the book The Titanic Mission I saw an experiment about icebergs in our book and just knew we had to try it.

First we found a balloon and filled it up with water and stuck it in the freezer overnight.

The next morning we removed the balloon and were left with an oval chunk of ice.

We then measured the ice and made note of how big our ice chunk was-- horizontally and vertically.

We put the ice in our bowl and measured how much of the ice we could see from the top of the water to the top of the ice.

There was hardly anything showing!  90% of most icebergs are underwater!!

The boys then hypothesized that ocean water would be a bit different since it was salt water and therefore more dense than normal tap water.

We took out our iceberg and added a lot of salt to our bowl.  We really had no idea if we had as much salt as the ocean but we could see flecks of salt so we figured we might be pretty close.

We added the ice back into our bowl.

There was hardly any change at all!  While salt water is a bit denser it is not dense enough to make a difference in how icebergs float.

Most of the icebergs remain submerged in the ocean which was one of the reasons why the Titanic still hit the iceberg even though it turned.  It had only avoided the portion of the iceberg it could see and hit the larger part that had still been submerged under water.

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